When life gives you lemons, draw them, 11 x 14 inches dry pastels, graphite on paper

"When life gives you lemons, draw them". (Nikki)

"Trust your intuition, it's just like goin' fishin'; you cast your line 'til you get a bite." (Paul Simon)

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language..." (Paul Gauguin)

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April 25, 2009

At the end of each month Oxide Gallery and Carino’s Italian Restaurant in Denton present an evening of Art, Dinner and Wine Tasting. Offering a new menu each month, an amazing four course dinner is complete with wine pairings for only $29.95.  The room is separate from the rest of the restaurant, so offers an intimate setting where, at some point during the evening, the artist discusses and answers questions about their work. A new artist’s work is featured each month, and on Tuesday it’s my turn.  Although this is a new idea it has been well received. Reservations are required, but  April 28th is now booked solid, so the Dinner and Show is extended to take place on April 29th as well.

The Interaction with Flowering Shavingbrush Tree

I reapplied masking fluid to the painting in order to continue working on it but still preserve all the great marks revealed after removing the first application. At Carino’s on Tuesday others will participate and be a part of helping this painting come to life by removing the dried rubberized medium from the painting, and help unveil the finished piece.

Update, May 1st: Pulling off the rubberized medium was a hit! A few people kept going back to pull more off. If gallery owners are open to it, I’d like to continue doing this at future opening receptions too. Here are some photos of the fun.

 Thanks to Alain for all the help!  Warren, owner of Oxide Gallery in Denton  Randy, General Manager at Carino's Italian Restaurant in Denton, TX  Jesse, event coordinator and waitress, and a customer

 Unveiling the painting, Flowering Shavingbrush Tree at Carino's in Denton, TX

 Peeling off the mask - even the prettiest hands got involved!

 Helping to unveil the painting Helping to unveil the painting Helping to unveil the paintingHelping to unveil the painting

Helping to unveil the painting Helping to unveil the painting Helping to unveil the painting

 One last peel before I go...

“One last peel before I go…”

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2 Responses to “Interactive”

  1. Virginia Wieringa Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 11:06

    clever! wish I could be there to do some of the peeling!

  2. KarenXarchos Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 11:06

    Looks like it was a big hit….congratulations, Nik!


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